cat-319699_640Perkins Road Pet Clinic has long stood for quality medicine and care for your pet. The doctors and staff want to reward you as a client for trusting us with the medical needs of your pet. To do this we are proud to present our “Love Your Pet” Point Appreciation Program. In this program you will receive 1-“Love Your Pet” point for each professional exam, vaccination, medical injection, diagnostic test, or service performed. The points you accumulate can be used in one of 3 ways.

1.) You can receive a 1% savings at a future visit for every point earned. Once redeemed the points are zeroed out and the accumulation begins again on services performed.
2.) If you have a young pet the points earned can go toward a 25% savings on a spay or neuter surgery through our Puppy and Kitten Program.
3.) The points in the Adult Program can go toward a 25% savings on a dental cleaning or adult spay/neuter.

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