shutterstock_222279106_small“Perkins” is due for his yearly check-up. Annually he usually receives the following:

  • Examination by the doctor
  • DHLPPC and Rabies
  • Fecal examination
  • Heartworm Test
  • Heartworm Prevention

With these services he will receive 5 POINTS!!!!

Options for the points are:
1.) You can receive a 5% savings on your next visit to PRPC.
2.) You can continue to let your points accumulate for a larger savings.
3.) If he also received a Lymes &/or Bordatella vaccination and wellness bloodwork he would fulfill the requirements for the Adult Program. The now 7 POINTS would go toward a 25% savings on a dental cleaning or adult neuter.

dvm (29)“Pretty Rosey” and “Prince Charming” are due for their first check-up.

While at the clinic the doctor recommends a series of 3 monthly boosters and some initial testing for each. To keep them healthy the following wellness plan is scheduled.

“P.R.” “P.C.”
3 FVRCP Boosters 3 DHLPPC Boosters
2 FeLV &/or Bordatella 2 Lymes &/or Bordatella
Rabies Vaccine Rabies Vaccine
Fecal Fecal
Heartworm Prev. Heartworm Prev.