January ZeusJanuary 2016 “Zeus” Taylor
“Zeus” is a 3 year old male German Shepard Mix owned by Jaylnn Taylor. Zeus is more than just a dog. He means the world to Jaylynn. “He is my study buddy, hes my exercise partner. He’s loyal and smart. I couldn’t ask for a better pet. He is my first dog that I’ve owned and I couldn’t be prouder”-Jaylynn.

On the evening of January 28, 2016, Zeus got into a fight with another family member’s rottweilers. The male rottweiler was with a female rottweiler that he believed he was protecting from Zeus. The Taylor family rushed “Zeus” to Perkins Road Pet Clinic at 7:00PM. The staff assessed his wounds and it was determined that by the size and depth of his wounds, he would need to go under anesthesia to fix the wounds.

Zeus was anestitized and his wounds were cleaned and all sutured. He stayed overnight but was able to go home the next day. “I was relieved and nervous to see how wel he recovered. He is my baby and I just wanted him to get well.”-Jaylnn

“The girls at the front dest kept a really good attitude and helped me stay calm through out the process. Dr. Gates was very nice and sympathetic. I couldn’t be more pleased with their customer and pet service”-Jaylnn.

Zeus is one of the sweetest dogs and kept a great attitude throughout his stay at Perkins Road Pet Clinic. Even though he was in so much pain when he came in, he kept a smile going and never stopped wagging his tail. Thanks to his loving owners, Zues was able to get treated and return home to play with Jaylnn.

February-BentleyFebruary 2016 “Bentley” Kennedy
“Bentley” Kennedy is a 6 yr old female fawn pug owned by Jessica Kennedy. “Bentley” started vomitting around 5:30AM on February 12, 2016. She started shaking and not wanting to sit down and seemed like she was hurting. Jessica brought “Bentley” to Perkins Road Pet Clinic to have her checked out.

Dr. Tillotson did an exam on “Bentley” and determined that more diagnostics were needed to find out why “Bentley” suddenly became ill. A fecal exam was performed to check for any intestinal parasites. Bloodwork was also ran to check her white blood cell count and check all her organs internally. It was determined that “Bentley” had whipworms and that she had a Pyometria, that woud require surgery.

Jessica and her family said their goodbye’s to their baby, and they left her at the clinic for the night so the staff could prepare her for surgery.

A Pyometria is a surgery that is needed when the uterus of an unspayed female dog becomes infected. This occurs in unspayed female dogs or cats because of the repeat exposure to estrogen and progesterone. The older a female dog becomes, the more she is at risk of developing a pyometria. Common signs of a pyometria is an abdominal distention, discharge from the vulva. They can also have a sudden onset of depression, lack of appetite, vomiting and requent urination.

“Bentley” went through the surgery later that afternoon and stayed in the hospital for a few days. Her family came to visit her every day. Thanks to the quick care and actions of Bentley’s family, she was able to get into surgery quickly and make a fast recovery. Everyone in her family was excited when she was finally able to go home. “We are so grateful that Bentley was able to recover from her illness due to the care Perkins Road Pet Clinic provided.”