NewmanNewman is a loving affectionate cat that loves to be with people. He is a clinic blood donor, and when he is not donating in the time of need he is socializing among the staff. He loves a good belly rub and playing with Taylor.


TaylorOpei Taylor is named after another famous red head. He is a fiesty kitty and also blood when the time calls for it. His favorite game is hide and go seek as he watches everyone look for him while he is hiding on top of the cabinet.


ZoeyZoey is a 20 year old umbrella cockatoo​. She was a previous patient of Dr. Tillotson’s and was given to her when her family could no longer care for her. She keeps our clients entertained by greeting them with her laughs, dance moves, and “Hi Zoey” in our reception area. She LOVES kids and loves to be the ambassador for our feathered clients.


AlbiAlbi is a 6 year old snow boa. He helps as an ambassador for snakes and reptiles at community events throughout Stillwater. He will eventually be 5-6 feet long and can live 20-30 years. He loves people and attention.